Higher Education is Broken. We are here to fix it.

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This isn't a program like any other, this is a movement. A movement to create experiences that are not just engaging and inspiring but multi-sensory and cutting edge as well.  A movement pushing the evolution of higher education by relying on some of the famed Nordic values and strengths: openness and trust, storytelling and cuisine, design, and pedagogical competencies.

This movement wouldn’t be possible without collaborative efforts. Collaboration that goes across cultures, colleagues with different skill sets, communication around the globe, obstacles that don’t respond to tried and tested methods… these are facts of our everyday and professional lives. Turning these modern complexities into advantages cannot be learned only through theory and text books — it must be experienced, the Nordic Rebels way!

By taking the university where the students are, during the second half of 2018 we are creating a Finnish-Danish blended minor program that focuses on solving global societal challenges through multidisciplinary learning and design-driven methods and processes. 

Are you ready to bend your skills? ❤ 

Miikka “Manta Ray” J. Lehtonen


Original artwork for Nordic Rebels created by Parvati Pillai


our program

The Nordic Rebels program is focused on a blended minor studies program worth 25 ECTS. This consists of three courses. This site focuses on the first of these three, the introductory course that kicks off the learning process through an intensive 3 week journey of challenge based learning. This course brings together students from diverse educational backgrounds, and provides a setting for combining theory with practice.

We believe innovation thrives when multiple disciplines and design practices converge. Throughout the Challenge course, students are taught to recognize and harness the unique working and thinking styles of their team members — as well as their own. Online episodes with experts are combined with workshops in physical spaces and collaboration in virtual spaces. Students are encouraged to be active partners in the course creation by sharing their own insights and knowledge: through student input, the learning process comes alive as the experiences continually evolve.

Through practical experience and learning-by-doing, students acquire the skills to conceptualize, develop and introduce socially sound and commercially successful solutions. Commencing in Autumn 2018, this year’s course has been designed with the UN initiated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in mind, to deliver a challenge that tackles the planet's biggest problems from the Nordic context.