Week 2 - Day 7

Dealing with uncertainty and continuing to validate

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Tasks for the day

Do at least one of these 3 tasks and add a note about it in your learning diary.

Option 1


Have you validated an idea or concept before?

If yes, what was the most interesting thing you learned that showed you how useful it is to validate?

Share this with your team

Option 2


Even while validating, there's going to be a lot of uncertainty around the chosen topic, possible concepts and whether the end users even want this.

How do you, as a team, plan to deal with this uncertainty

Option 3


Uncertainty can be a tricky thing to tackle at a project level but even more so at a personal level.

Think about a time when you've experienced a lot of uncertainty. How did this make you feel?

Now, if you were told that uncertainty also implies opportunity, how would you feel about that?