Week 1 - Day 5

A chance to reflect on the week gone by.

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Tasks for the day

Do at least one of these 3 tasks and add a note about it in your learning diary.

Option 1


By now you've started to find out what the strengths and experiences of your peers are.

Find someone who has a skill or knowledge that your team could benefit from and setup a quick 15-20 minute chat to learn from them.

Option 2


While coming up with ideas and doing field work, did you encounter anything that can be considered a cliche or overdone?

How about something that outwardly marks progress but reinforces an existing problem?

Think about this with your team and figure out how you can avoid these pitfalls in your own concept.

Option 3


Think of 3 things that people did for you over the course of this week that had an impact on you.

Why were these things significant?

Is there anything you can do, to have a similar impact for others?