Week 1 - Day 3

A chance to volunteer and an opportunity to test your culinary skills

This week's podcast


Today's episode


An extended version of this episode can be found on the Episodes page.


Tasks for the day

Do at least one of these 3 tasks and add a note about it in your learning diary.

Option 1


List personal benefits one might gain from doing volunteering work and share some of those insights from someone in your cohort.

Option 2


This week's podcast focuses on respectful design and today's episode touches on the idea of privilege.

As a team, think about your privilege and how you can be respectful of those you are designing for. Craft a short manifesto (just 3-4 bullet points) on how you'll ensure you design with this in mind

Option 3


Think of an organization that you'd like to volunteer for (or have already done so)

What drew you to this organization. Of the things you've learned so far, how would you apply it to this organization's goal?