It's time to make that final push and execute

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Tasks for the day

Do at least one of these 3 tasks and add a note about it in your learning diary.

Option 1


You're likely now crafting your story on how to showcase your concept. It's time to help each other out with fine tuning this.

Find another team and share your ideas on how to showcase your concepts and share feedback on how to make each other's story better.

Option 2


As you're in the execution phase of your project, think about how the process you've followed so far can be applied to other similar challenges.

As a team, discuss if there's something you'd do differently

Option 3


So far teams have both been working remotely and locally. Everyone is now in one place, is it making a big difference to how you work?

Reflect on how you can mitigate this difference even if the team continued to work (and participate in the final event) remotely