Week 2 - Day 10

A day for reflection at the end of the week

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Tasks for the day

Do at least one of these 3 tasks and add a note about it in your learning diary.

Option 1


You've spent the past week thinking of ideas and ways to execute your concept. Have you considered the consequences?

Find a team to partner with and discuss each other's concept and the possible negative impacts? Is there something they've spotted that your team hasn't? How can you mitigate that?

Option 2


Think about the elements in the concept that reflect who you are and what you care about.

In this context, is this concept something you'd consider to be authentically you? If it doesn't have an element of yourself in it, how do you think you could bring that into your final concept?

Option 3


Think of 3 things that people did for you over the course of this week that had an impact on you.

Why were these things significant?

Is there anything you can do, to have a similar impact for others?