We love our books here at Nordic Rebels and would like to share some of our favorites on the range of topics you see listed on this page. Every book is linked to its respective GoodReads page where you can find options to buy it. Some academic institutions might even have electronic versions available - for example, Aalto students can check Aalto-Finna.

Happy Reading!

Creative confidence

A great place to start, not just to dig into design and design tools, but also to dig deeper into yourself. 

Filled with a very approachable set of methods to get anyone started onto a path of greater creativity

The Design of Everyday Things

This classic from Don Norman is a must read for anyone with even a passing interest in design. It's a very approachable writing style and is a good place to start for anyone getting into design

This is Service Design Thinking



Design for the Real World

Change By Design

Exposing the Magic of Design


Give and take

Business model generation

From the creator of the Business Model Canvas, this book provides an excellent starting point

Lean Startup

Eric Ries book took industry by storm when it came out in 2008. It even led to gigantic companies like GE doing a complete overhaul of how they worked, to be more "lean" in their approach

A worthwhile read to understand the basic principles, some of which have interesting parallels to design.


Business for Punks

Blue Ocean Strategy

Start with Why


Thinking Fast and Slow

Predictably IRrational



The power of habit

Emotional Intelligence



Getting Things Done

Making ideas happen